Fasting For Weight Loss

Fasting for weight loss has recently become a highly talked about subject, there are many benefits associated with it alongside the big one being weight loss. The weight loss aspect has actually lured many people into attempting the fasting strategy, but what is fasting? how does it work? These questions will be answered in this article alongside some additional benefits to fasting you may not have heard about, so you can finally put this question to bed. Let’s get into this.

Fasting is the process of intentionally going for a specific time length without the consumption of food. This time length depends on the individuals preference and their reasons for why they’re fasting in the first place. Fasting can be done at any time and any place and for some religions, fasting is a consistent practise. There are numerous types of fasting but most of which are labeled as a reference to the time without food. Fasting is done for numerous reasons and claims state that it could be very beneficial to your health and mind. Could it be true? Let’s find out.

How fasting affects you and your body

Fasting is associated with numerous beneficial effects and now although only a few of which are actually backed by science, many people across the world swear by fasting as part of a healthy lifestyle. One of these proven effects is weight loss. Now, it’s a no brainer that not eating for lengthy periods of time will cause weight loss, but this whole process sounds quite detrimental on the body doesn’t it?

Fear not, as long as you are not already underweight and you’re not fasting for ridiculous lengths of time, this practise is relatively safe and healthy. Fasting will help anyone with weight loss through one simple equation – more calories burnt than consumed = weight loss, fasting helps people achieve these goals.



The benefits of fasting

As mentioned earlier, fasting is associated with numerous benefits, some proven, some not. But nevertheless, here’s a list of nine benefits that are associated with regular fasting.

– Reduces insulin resistance

– Reduces bodily inflammation

Promotes weight loss

– Improves heart function

– Increases brain function

– Boosts metabolism

– Heightens levels of growth hormone

– Could slow down aging

– May help prevent cancer

The benefits listed above are all proven and backed by science so if you do make the choice to start fasting, you can look at this list and know you will experience all nine of these benefits. When the body is in a fasted state for extended periods of time, the body makes several changes and adaptations to keep itself alive. These changes and adaptations all lead to several beneficial effects, as shown above.


There are numerous different ways to lose weight, there are several different tools and strategies you can implement into your life to contribute to weight loss. Fasting is one of them, it’s proven by science to assist in your goals to lose weight alongside many other benefits as shown above. Whatever strategy you want to go with to lose weight is fine, it’s important that you know that fasting is always a strategy you can turn to.