Common Weight Loss Myths… Busted!

Losing those extra kilos is not an easy task. As you opt for a regime for losing weight, you are going to hear a lot of weight loss myths and most of them are wrong. Here is a list of some of the common weight loss myths that you may hear on your weight loss journey.

There are a plethora of people who do not want to go on a diet just because they think that they are going to be always hungry. Dieting does not mean eating only a small salad or a few crackers daily.

You are not going to reduce weight if you try to reduce the total consumption of calories dramatically. Several studies have revealed that people who have tried to shed those extra kilos by reducing calories end up gaining more weight in the long term..

It is possible to lose weight by skipping meals or eating less?

If you think that eating in fewer quantities or skipping meals is going to help you in losing weight, you cannot be more wrong. As you say skip the meals, you are going to feel tired and hungry and as a result, you end up taking more food to compensate for the loss of the bigger meals. Instead, it is good to have a regular eating pattern and opt for a diet, catering to your weight loss regime.

Starving is a great choice to lose weight

Many people have the wrong notion that crash diets help you in losing those extra kilos. Such types of diet are really difficult to maintain and you will find an increase in your weight as you starve yourself.

Besides this, you are going to miss a plethora of essential nutrients since crash diets put a limit on the varieties of food that you consume. Hence, you will find that your body is low in energy and you will get huge cravings for high sugar and high-fat foods.



Slimming pills promote weight loss

Not every slimming tablet available in the market can be regarded as a safe or effective option for reducing weight. Certain licensed and prescribed medicines are useful in losing weight. If you want to opt for pills for losing weight, it is recommended to contact a healthcare professional. Just be careful in the products you buy.

Consuming fats is going to add to your weight

Fat offers 9 calories in each gram whereas protein or carbs offer only 4 calories per gram. Though junk foods containing healthy fats are going to increase your fat, not all fats are bad for your health. You need to consume healthy fats in a specific amount to ensure the proper and optimum functioning of your body.

You will gain more weight by eating at night

If you are trying to lose weight, you must have heard it several times that you should not eat late at night. This is a myth and the reason why people think is because they think that people who eat during night time might eat more. You always need to remember that calories do not understand time. Hence, you might eat when you feel hungry. But, you should continue to eat in limited quantities.

The relation between body weight, food and weight loss is a bit complex. Hence it is recommended to opt for an evidence-based weight loss regime to shed those extra kilos.

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