Can weight loss cause anemia?

Anemia is no simple matter, there are numerous types of anemia and this condition can be caused by a wide array of different things. In fact, anemia affects a rather large percentage of the globe. The global percentage of anemia sufferers equates to around 24.8 percent, for this many people to suffer from a similar condition, is intriguing yet worrying.

Weight loss is also no simple matter, like anemia, it can be caused be a wide array of things. Unlike anemia, weight loss is a very normal part of life that everybody has experienced here and there, but could they be linked? In this article I’m going to discuss the potential link between weight loss and anemia so you can further understand more on this topic, let’s get into this.

What causes weight loss?

There are numerous factors that can influence weight loss, but in this article I will strictly refer to the most common causes of weight loss, these being diet and exercise. To better understand the link between weight loss and anemia, you must fully understand how the body loses weight through diet and exercise so read carefully.

Exercise, the go to weight loss method. when you exercise, the body’s need for calories increases. If there are no calories present from food that the body can utilise, it will begin to break down the fat cells on your body for energy, this is known as being in a caloric deficit.

Losing weight through your diet is a very simple calorie equation. Expend more calories than you consume, this equals to weight loss. Consume more calories than you expend, this equals to weight gain. At the end of the day, this equation is the formula to weight gain and weight loss, apply this to your favour and you will find yourself losing and or gaining weight in no time.



What causes anemia?

Before we go any further, it’s important you understand exactly what anemia is. Anemia is a condition that arises when there is a lack of production or an extensive loss in red blood cells. There are numerous reasons why this may occur, one reason being a poor diet combined with too much physical activity. This is the one and only factor linking in with weight loss and this is precisely why this will be the only talked about causer on this article.

A lack of mineral and vitamin consumption can lead to a wide array of health problems, more specifically iron, folate and vitamin B-12. These three vitamins and minerals are all present in specific food groups that we may or may not consume on a regular basis. I am mentioning these nutrients as a chronic deficiency in any or all of these nutrients can directly cause anemia.

The three nutrients mentioned in the paragraph above are all responsible for the production and maintenance of healthy red blood cells. When an individual lacks these nutrients through food, anemia is suddenly in the picture. At this point, you may be a little confused as to why I’m talking about vitamins and minerals but as you will soon see, this aspect closely links in with the weight loss aspect.

Weight loss and anemia; what is the link?

To correctly locate the link between weight loss and anemia, you must find the direct correlation between the two. As discussed earlier, weight loss occurs through a lack of calories, calories are obtained by the body through food, so is iron, folate and vitamin B-12. In conclusion, those who effectively lose weight through a lowered caloric intake, risk causing an overall drop in vitamins and minerals found in the body. This overall drop can be attributed to a lack of vitamin and mineral consumption through food as well as perspiration from intense workouts.

The bottom line –

At the start of this article, it may have been unclear as to how weight loss and anemia could be linked but as we have broken down this dilemma step by step, the link has become much more clear.